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AsiaSat's News Flash


 07 September 2014



AsiaSat 6 Successfully Lifts Off !




The AsiaSat 6 aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle successfully lifted off from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, U.S.A. at Hong Kong Time 1:00 p.m. (1:00 a.m. EDT or Cape Canaveral local time) on the 7th of September.   

This year marks a major milestone for AsiaSat with two launches this summer, including the launch of AsiaSat 8 on 5 August.

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22 August 2014



AsiaSat 6 Completed Encapsulation




The AsiaSat 6 spacecraft completed encapsulation into its payload fairing. Built by SSL, the spacecraft is ready for mating with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, targeting for launch from Cape Canaveral next week.


 14 August 2014



AsiaSat Gets Ready for Second Launch of the Month !




Final preparations are in progress for the launch of AsiaSat 6 , following AsiaSat 8’s successful liftoff on 5 August by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA.
AsiaSat 6 will be AsiaSat’s second Falcon 9 launch in August. With 28 transponders, manufactured by Space Systems/Loral, the satellite will be operating at the nominal orbital location of 120 degrees East longitude for a broad range of broadcasting, telecommunications and broadband services in the Asia-Pacific region.


05 August 2014



AsiaSat 8 Successfully Lifts Off !




AsiaSat 8 aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle successfully lifted off from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, U.S.A. at Hong Kong Time 4:00 p.m. (4:00 a.m. EDT or Cape Canaveral local time) on the 5th of August.   

We thank everyone who has contributed to this project for their dedication in making today’s launch a success.

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05 August 2014



AsiaSat 8 Launch Enters Final Countdown !




AsiaSat 8 launch’s final countdown has begun.

Today at 1:25 p.m. HKT (5 August 1:25 a.m. EDT), AsiaSat 8 will be launched by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch vehicle from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
Watch live webcast at or at 1:05 p.m. HKT (5 August 1:05 a.m. EDT)!


04 August 2014



AsiaSat 8 Ready to Go !




Launch readiness review of AsiaSat 8 among AsiaSat, SpaceX and SSL completed today. All systems are reported “go” for launch on 5 August at 1:25 p.m. HKT (1:25 a.m. EDT).
The mated AsiaSat 8 payload fairing and the Falcon 9 two-stage launch vehicle will be rolled out to SpaceX’s Launch Pad 40 at Cape Canaveral this evening.
Live webcast at or 20 minutes before liftoff.
Join us for this spectacular night launch!


 29 July 2014



AsiaSat 8 Completed Encapsulation




The AsiaSat 8 spacecraft completed encapsulation into its payload fairing. The fairing stands 17.1’ (5.2m) in diameter and 43’ (13.1m) tall, ready for mating with Falcon 9, a two-stage rocket built by SpaceX.
Preparation for launch in early August is well under way.

We are getting excited! 


4 July 2014



AsiaSat 8 News Getting More Eyeballs !




AsiaSat 8 featured on the Reuters sign in Times Square NYC following its safe arrival at the Cape Canaveral launch base in Florida, USA. The sign reaches more than 1.5 million people per day!

Preparation for launch by a Falcon 9 rocket in August is well underway. AsiaSat 8 is designed with exceptional power and unique coverage to provide DTH, data broadcasting and mobile backhaul services in the high growth markets of India, China, South East Asia and the Middle East.

Get the latest news and images of the AsiaSat 8 launch at


27 Jun 2014  


Get Ready to Watch World Cup Live in 4K on AsiaSat 5 !




AsiaSat 5 delivers the Asian leg of the first ever World Cup live telecast in 4K on June 28 (Round of 16 17:00 local time in Brazil), followed by a Quarter-Final match on July 4 (13:00) and the Final on July 13 (16:00).

With 4 times the resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) of the current HDTV and up to 60 frames per second, 4K aims to take you to Rio!

According to research forecasts, the number of global 4K TV households will rise from 2.2 million at the end of 2013 to 66.2 million by end-2018. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to become the single largest market for 4K TV by 2016 – accounting for 42% of global 4K TV households.   

All 64 matches of the 2014 FIFA World Cup will also be distributed in HD via AsiaSat 5 across the Asia Pacific.


18 Feb 2014  


Major Milestones Achieved for AsiaSat 8 Launch in Q2 2014




          AsiaSat 8 in CATR                  


AsiaSat took a major step towards the launch of AsiaSat 8 in Q2 2014 with the successful completion of Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) tests earlier this month.  The integrated spacecraft’s antenna and payload performance measured through these tests demonstrated compliance with all specifications.

Prior to the CATR tests, AsiaSat 8’s dynamic test was also successfully conducted.

AsiaSat 8, a Ku/Ka-band satellite to be co-located with AsiaSat 3S at 105.5°E, will be launched by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA.  It will offer new high-powered Ku-band beams covering multiple regions, including China, India, the Middle East and South East Asia for DTH and broadband services.


14 Feb 2014  


AsiaSat Delivers Live Winter Olympics Multilateral HD Feeds




AsiaSat 5 , Asia’s prime sports content distribution platform, is delivering live multilateral HD feeds for the coverage of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia till the closing ceremony on 23 February.

Starting with the opening ceremony on 7 February, coverage is transmitted directly from the event venues to rights-holder broadcasters in Asia and the Pacific, making these international games available to millions of sports fans across the region.

AsiaSat satellites played an integral role in distributing television feeds of many international and regional sporting events including the Olympic Games, Asian Games and the FIFA World Cup.           


23 Jan 2014  


Live 4K Demonstration via AsiaSat 3S




Sabrina Cubbon of AsiaSat presents at Cyberport’s 4K Technology Seminar


Live 4K Ultra HD content delivery was demonstrated over AsiaSat satellite.  Vibrant video content delivered by AsiaSat 3S from AsiaSat’s Tai Po Earth Station was displayed on a 84” 4K TV to attendees at the 4K Technology Seminar organised by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Co. Ltd. Technology Centre at its new Master Control Centre in Hong Kong.

The transmission demonstrated the ability to distribute 4K content via satellite, paving the way for the commercial launch of 4K distribution services to digital cinemas and consumers.

Sabrina Cubbon, Vice President – Sales and Marketing of AsiaSat gave a presentation on ‘Satellite Transmission for 4K’ at the seminar. Cubbon discussed the challenges and requirements of efficient satellite transmission of 4K, such as the availability of new modulation and coding techniques and more advanced compression technologies.


12 Dec 2013  


AsiaSat 6 and 8 Readying for Launch in Q2 2014




AsiaSat 8 spacecraft on the vibration table for testing


AsiaSat 6 and AsiaSat 8 have successfully completed thermal vacuum testing, a major program milestone to verify spacecraft performance and functionality in an environment simulating space.

Dynamics testing of the spacecraft has commenced subsequently. Accelerometers are installed to monitor the spacecraft’s response during the test when the spacecraft is subjected to high-level acoustic noise and mechanical vibration to ensure it has adequate design margins to survive the launch environment.

The Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) tests for AsiaSat 6 and 8 are scheduled to commence next month. During these tests, the integrated spacecraft’s antenna and payload performances are measured to demonstrate compliance to spacecraft performance specifications.

These critical tests are essential in order to achieve the highest quality and reliability of the spacecraft before shipment to the SpaceX launch pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida, U.S.A.

AsiaSat 6 will provide new C-band capacity at the 120ºE slot, whereas AsiaSat 8 will be co-located with AsiaSat 7 at 105.5ºE to offer additional Ku-band capacity for DTH, data and broadband connectivity.


6 Nov 2013  


2014 Launches of AsiaSat 6 and 8 Drive New Era of Growth  




AsiaSat 8 under preparation for SCTV testing,
scheduled to complete in November

AsiaSat presented the grand prize
to the winner of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Game
at the CASBAA Convention Juice Bar

With AsiaSat 8 and AsiaSat 6 launches in April and May respectively next year, new C and Ku-band capacity from these two satellites will expand the company’s fleet inventory and fuel further business growth.

William Wade, President & CEO of AsiaSat took part in the Satellite Operator panel discussion at the annual CASBAA Convention in Hong Kong last month outlining the company’s future satellite plan. AsiaSat 8 will offer four Ku-band beams and one Ka payload at 105.5 degrees East whereas AsiaSat 6 will have 24 C-band transponders at 120 degrees East.

AsiaSat also hosted a juice bar and the AsiaSat’s 25th anniversary ‘Wheel of Fortune’ game at CASBAA.

The AsiaSat team then travelled to Hanoi to participate in an exhibition at the ABU General Assembly held on the 28th and 29th of October. AsiaSat showcased the comprehensive reach of its satellite fleet and its new service offerings to over 680 delegates of 155 organisations from 54 countries and regions at the meeting.


30 Sept 2013  


AsiaSat Shares and Wins at APSCC Satellite Conference  



William Wade, AsiaSat’s President & CEO
at the APSCC’s Satellite Operators
Roundtable discussion

Yutaka Nagai, President of APSCC (right)
presented the ‘Satellite Executive of the Year
in Asia-Pacific’ Award to William Wade

At the APSCC Satellite Conference held in Hong Kong last week, AsiaSat executives with hundreds of industry experts and practitioners shared their views on the growth opportunities and new applications of the major satellite markets in the Asia-Pacific region. On the same occasion, AsiaSat’s President and CEO, William Wade was presented the ‘Satellite Executive of the Year in Asia-Pacific’ Award.

During the kick-off ‘Satellite Operators Roundtable’ session on 24 September addressing the supply and demand issues in Asia, Wade pointed out the importance of adding flexibility to adapt to changing market needs while building new satellites. The company’s upcoming satellites AsiaSat 6 and AsiaSat 8 are designed with specific applications and markets in mind to meet the growing demand for quality C and Ku-band satellite capacity in the region.

AsiaSat’s Vice President, Business Development, Philip Balaam also took part in a panel discussion on ‘Government and Commercial Hosted Payloads’, at which satellite operators talked about various aspects of hosted payloads, from opportunities to challenges. Though hosted payloads are still limited in Asia, AsiaSat has taken the initiative in exploring this new market through a partnership with GeoMetWatch to host a hyperspectral STORM sensor on AsiaSat 9, one of AsiaSat’s future satellites planned for launch in 2016, for collecting atmospheric and weather data over Asia and the Pacific region.

Fred Ho, Director, Technical Operations of AsiaSat was invited to host a Satellite RF Interference Mitigation Workshop. During the session, satellite operators actively shared satellite interference issues and cases, and ways to mitigate interference during satellite operations.

Furthermore, at the 2013 APSCC Awards Ceremony held on 24 September, Wade was presented the ‘Satellite Executive of the Year in Asia-Pacific’ Award in recognition of his contributions and achievements to the satellite communications industry.

To discuss business and to learn more about AsiaSat’s new initiatives in broadcast and satellite communications services, meet AsiaSat’s sales and marketing team at upcoming industry events:


30 Aug 2013  


AsiaSat 8 to Complete Reference Performance Testing in September  


AsiaSat 8 undergoing testing at the SSL facility in the US

AsiaSat 8, AsiaSat’s latest Ku and Ka-band satellite, will complete Reference Performance Testing (RPT) of the payload and bus subsystems in September. Measurements from the RPT will help confirm that the payload meets the demanding AsiaSat requirements.

Thermal vacuum testing of the AsiaSat 8 spacecraft is scheduled for October. During the thermal vacuum testing, the spacecraft will be subject to environmental conditions similar to the space environment of high vacuum and extreme temperatures.

AsiaSat 8 offers exceptional power and unique coverage that are designed for DTH, data broadcasting and mobile backhaul services in the high growth markets of India, China, South East Asia and the Middle East. With 24 Ku-band transponders and a Ka-band beam, the Space Systems/Loral-built AsiaSat 8 will be co-located with one of AsiaSat’s existing satellites.

AsiaSat 8’s multiple Ku-band beams are equipped with inter-beam switching capability to meet specific applications, for example, signals uplinking from the South East Asia beam can be switched for downlinking in any location within the Middle East beam. With its Ku-band TWTAs at 210 watts, the highest power amplifiers ever launched in Asia, AsiaSat 8 will offer high downlink EIRP up to 57-59 dBW.

AsiaSat 8 is planned for launch in the first half of 2014.


01 Aug 2013  


AsiaSat 6 Undergoing Spacecraft Thermal Vacuum Testing  


AsiaSat 6
AsiaSat 6 loaded into SSL's Thermal Vacuum Chamber for testing

AsiaSat 6, one of AsiaSat’s latest satellites, is in the process of Spacecraft Thermal Vacuum (SCTV) testing to ensure the bus subsystems of the satellite meet the performance and environmental requirements for safe on orbit operation.

AsiaSat 6 is planned for launch in the first half of 2014. A Space Systems/Loral (SSL) 1300 series satellite to be positioned at the nominal orbital position of 120°E, AsiaSat 6 will have 28 high-powered C-band transponders. It will carry a Global beam and a Regional beam, offering optimised performance over Asia, Australasia, Pacific Islands and Central Asia for services including video distribution and broadband networks.

Equipped with 100W high power amplifiers to provide high downlink EIRP up to 41 dBW across the satellite’s coverage, AsiaSat 6 significantly improves AsiaSat fleet’s capability in offering enhanced power and coverage in the Asia Pacific, including the Pacific Rim region.


12 July 2013


AsiaSat @ CommunicAsia 2013


AsiaSat exhibited at CommunicAsia 2013 on 18-21 June in Singapore. Over 25,000 trade visitors from around the world attended the event.

During the exhibition, AsiaSat showcased its expanding satellite fleet including upcoming AsiaSat 6 and AsiaSat 8 satellites while AsiaSat’s broadcast users also demonstrated their latest range of HD and SD TV programming across AsiaSat’s fleet.

AsiaSat also took part in a panel discussion on 19 June at CommunicAsia Summit on ‘The Future of Satellite Business’. Sabrina Cubbon, Vice President – Sales and Marketing of AsiaSat shared her views about the demand and growth potential of the Asian satellite business, and how new technologies and regulations shape the development of the industry.

Click here to view AsiaSat’s interview with SatTV at the show on AsiaSat’s developments and upcoming activities.


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